The Reason Why Rudeboy Paul Okoye’s Wife Anita Filed For A Divorce

According to Vanguard, the 7-year old marriage of Paul Okoye, one half of defunct music duo P Squarepopularly known as Rude boy and his entrepreneur wife, Anita Okoye has crashed as the latter files a petition for a divorce. Details surrounding the crash of the marriage came from the leak of the official petition for the divorce which cited “irreconcilable differences” as the basis of the irretrievable break down of the marriage. She filed for a divorce over irreconcilable differences according to the leaked court documents. And what is IRRECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES. Irreconcilable differences technically means that an individual and their spouse cannot get along with one another enough to keep the marriage alive, and this lack of getting along can cause a whole array of other issues in the marriage. And when seeking a divorce, a spouse may file for either an “at-fault divorce or a “no-fault divorce”. Stating irreconcilable differences as the grounds for divorce is considered to be a no-fault divorce, meaning that neither spouse is accusing the other of wrongdoings that led to the marriage’s end. In other words, Paul and Anita divorce, is a peaceful one.

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