Nigerian Singer Bella Shmurda Deported from Ghana and Banned from Re-entering the Country for This Reason

Shmurda and two other Nigerians have been found guilty by a court for attacking a doctor, convicted and deported for their actions.

They have also been banned from re-entering the country for the next three months.

Bella Shmurda and his two accomplices reportedly got agitated and attacked the doctor after being put into quarantine for testing positive for COVID.

According to reports, the three were quarantined upon arrival in Ghana as mandated during the pandemic and underwent COVID tests.

They were quarantined at the MPlazahotel in Accra and had their swabs taken. 

Unfortunately for them, they tested positive for the virus which meant they had to remain in quarantine, probably messing up whatever plans they had for coming to Ghana in the first place. 

This made them agitated and they reportedly attacked the doctor who delivered the news, with a fork of all things!

The attack apparently was part of a plan they hatched to escape from quarantine but it rather landed them in trouble. 
They were arrested and arraigned before the Adjabeng Circuit Court, found guilty and deported from Ghana. 

Shmurda and his accomplices can also not return for three months. Considering the way Nigerian artists see Ghana as ‘heaven’, this is not going to go down well for the ‘Cash App’ star.

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