Download Music: Ancestor A letter to Ras-Marley


One of jtown big artist ANCESTOR FRANKKIN came up with soft great tune which he tittle it A LETTER TO RAS MARLEY.

In a recent interview about the song he said....


I find it privilege to do this,

Normally, great men are soppose to be honored,

Sound Africa honor Nelson mandela,

Kenya have a special place for uhuru kenyata,

North korea will never forget shion lee.

Even the igbo's still remember Ojukwu...

This is due the benevolent, and merited service to humanity,

Yes Great men exist, but very few,

Ras Marley-Mandu is one great man I've only witnessed in real  life, 

The rest I've only watch in movies,

So because of his greatness, 

Kindness and good heart in making the world a better place,

As a young boy who admires and wishes to appreciate such gesture, 

As a poor boy that i am  with all due humility 

I've searched on earth what to give to appreciates 

this man for being real and good, 

but unfortunately there's nothing I can give to 

him that he cannot afford, yes, so decided to use my talent, 

I walk into studio, think deeply and  spit words grace, mercy and blessings  from above to celebrate a great philanthropist, 

Indeed big brother Ras you're a lagend and I do this song for you, 

I will forever feel so ungrateful if I don't do this.

Rigwe nation will always remember you.

The video will be dropping soon for streaming.

Download below

Download mp3

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